History Stands Still

Like the Wraithspawn, we are waiting. No doubt a great battle has taken place – or is taking place. It is beyond our powers to know.

And so, we continue our tasks as we always have. We document the rise of cities. We document the growth of graveyards. We walk slowly through the hallways, hearing the waterfall dulled through layers of stone, hearing the gentle scratch of quills. We stand under the domed observatory, seeing a new city built scant miles away with farmlands and life beginning anew, seeing the constellations in their eternal dance unaware of our existence and uncaring of our oblivion.

I still do not know if the gloom I see about the world is the shadow of suffering that has afflicted our people or if it is merely a product of the suffering I keep recording. Somewhere two brothers are attempting to kill each other. I look at a stack of tomes that contains the entire history of Cronos. I suspect that, were Paegus and Salius merely stories, that theme would continue.

One day the gloom will either lift or deepen. On that day I will finally know the name of the victor.


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