The substance of these converstions were largely threats and warnings for Parias to abandon his quest, but Korax also let slip several clues and hints to his own origins. A ‘Realm Outside’ was frequently mentioned, filled with ‘armies beyond imagining’. This would certainly explain how Korax, in his numerous battles against the armies of Cronos, seemed able to replenish his forces within hours.

Parias also made mention of a mysterious artifact which was the source of Korax’ power. What this artifact was, and what became of it, Parias did not (or would not) say. But he did write that it was a source of pure evil, and that Korax used it as a weapon to warp and twist things beyond their natural bounds, and also as a means to transport his minions to strategic locations across Cronos.

The Afrit were long thought to come from this ‘Realm Outside’, but still others believe that Korax used his powers to twist natural life forms on Cronos to become the Afrit. Amazing lore and scrolls have recently come to light, which places the entire matter in a clearer perspective….

From records in the archives, Afrit were first seen on Cronos in C.Y. 1022. This seems to tally with the theory of a summoning from the “Realm Outside” as Korax himself was first recorded to have arrived on Cronos sometime around C.Y. 972. It also lends credence to the theory of Korax creating the Afrit from existing indigenous life on Cronos. He certainly would have had time to do this – as he did with the infamous desertion of the Legionnaires when they were mutated into the first Ettin tribes.


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