The Brothers Notes on Paegus and Salius

We shifted our focus shortly after the Three parted ways. While our younger brothers continued to chronicle that story, a select few of us began to prepare for threats yet-to-come. Many old artifacts and weapons had been unleashed in an effort to defeat Korax – it was our duty to track the fate of such relics to ensure their security. As masters of their respective orders, the Three were entrusted with securing or disposing of their weaponry as they saw fit. Mortals, yet heroes nonetheless, they were destined to die.

I took up the task of following Wraithverge. I felt that this would require my attentions above all – for only its wielder, Parias, had children before the dark times. The others, both Baratus and Daedolon, would be able to entertain the potential necessity to destroy their artifacts. But Parias – blinded by the false promise of immortality that our offspring grant us – might seek to pass his weapon down through the generations. It was my intention to keep a close eye on its progress through history, lest we need to intervene.

Parias lived a life of simplicity. He slowly traveled the world, helping restore political and religious order town by town. His sons were apt pupils. Of Wraithverge, however, I could find little information.

During the time of his failing health, an intellectual conflict grew between Paegus and Salius. The contention involved the philosophical manner in which they did their work. I believe Parias knew nothing of it, but his death resulted in the final fracture. Paegus continued the quiet work of his father; Salius went where the winds willed.


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