The Madness of the Wraithspawn

Paegus heard of the murders not long after they began. He began the search for his brother. He went from town to town, graveyard to graveyard. We watched his progress, but I knew the distance between the brothers was great. If Salius kept his pace, he could easily evade any pursuit.

But then a powerful madness overcame the Wraithspawn which may shape the very nature of our time. I have tried to analyze the events, but have been unable to reach an entirely satisfactory conclusion.

There came a time when Salius was about to assault the city where ruled the newly reestablished Three Orders. The Wraithspawn balked and turned their malice on Salius instead.

As I said, I cannot tell why this occurred. Were there too many of these monsters for one man to command? Did they serve only the Wraithverge and not its wielder? Or did they finally become self-aware, saying in a voice loud and yet unspoken: “I will not serve”?

Whatever the reason, Salius ran from them. In the wake of desolation left behind followed Paegus. The full account of dates and locations still exists, lamentably, only in the form of notes. However, I will forego inserting them here as our intent is more holistic.


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