The Story of the Three

When the leaders of the Three Orders fell to the temptation of Korax, ironically only three of their followers escaped. We scholars immediately saw the symbolism. Whether their paths led to salvation or oblivion, we would watch and record from afar. Rarely have we been so relentless in our observations, nor seen individuals so relentless in their own quests.

Upon separation, we feared for their triumph. But although their journeys traversed different parts of Cronos, their minds were as one. They knew that alone they would perish. Thus, all three searched for ancient items of power that would aid their fight. Most notable were the terrible sword Quietus, the holy cross Wraithverge, and the fell staff Bloodscourge.

This document will forego description of their respective ordeals. Our compiled account is more readily available in A Modern History of Cronos: Before the Common Era, Post Korax – our first chronicle of the times.

The Three rejoined forces in the Necropolis, deep in the heart of Korax’s newly founded kingdom. Such was their sense of honor that – momentarily – each man went to the tomb of his former master. Alone they fought. Alone they won. We watched in amazement when they turned their backs to the graveyard and marched towards the distant, twisting form of the Dark Crucible.


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