The Afrit Swarm

As the Afrit remain both a pestilence and a danger, their race has heretofore gone without research. Their elusive nature has also dampened what few efforts have gone into their study. However, there have been some modern attempts to piece together their history and on these entries we will cast the majority of our gaze. Where those facts end and mere suppositions begin, this chronicle will attempt objective balance.

Sightings of the Afrit have been reported over the last seven centuries in all parts of Cronos. Earlier accounts are, of course, sporadic and scarcely detailed – a trend reflecting the intellectual upheaval of the earlier days before the Three Orders. Nevertheless, there are common threads between these accounts that allow us to positively and confidently identify their veracity.

Firstly, the level of destruction far outstrips their diminutive size. Every report clearly states that only two or three “small, winged and clawed flames” (A Brief History of Cronos, Part II, 264) were present, but half of the towns involved were burned to ash. Secondly, many of the reports indicate – as historian Beaumans discovered in his works – a gleeful demeanor quite uncommon in the realm of beasts.

It is for these reasons alone that we can easily cast off earlier assertions that the “Hellborne Murders” were the result of the Afrit.


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