Creation of the Ettin

Of the Ettin our documentation is extensive. This treatment, however, will focus instead on the consequences of their existence and of their current predicament. One may critique the title of this entry for choosing the word ‘creation.’ We must bear in mind that the Ettin were once the noble fighters of the Legion before Korax transformed their bodies and minds. Indeed, we beheld in horror the men and women that protected us so fervently one moment preying on us like starved beasts the next. Nevertheless, their current form and temperament are so antithetical that they must be regarded as an entirely new race.

With the fall of Korax, the Ettin were scattered across Cronos. Although chased and slaughtered by devout citizens, their numbers were such that partial escape was inevitable. As cities and towns began the long process of rebuilding, many hunting parties were employed as scouts. In many areas, these hunters were eventually positioned as a schism of the local guard to continue vigilant watch.

One of these scouting ventures, of which I was a part, led to a colony of Ettin living far to the west. They could hardly be compared to our civilization. What structures existed were ramshackle and any signs of habitation seemed inadvertent. It appeared that they had become scavengers and little more.

Yet we watched them and were surprised at their behaviors. There were evident social mechanics at work. A small group returned with the carcass of some game.


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