The task being complete, we focused our efforts on developing stable means of food production. Unfortunately, the area did not turn out to be as arable as our initial tests had indicated. Since our focus was far removed from monetary goals, the locals soon came to our aid again. They proposed a plan in which they would provide us with all the food we needed in return for free access to our mines. Since our alchemical experiments only used a limited quantity of ore or crystal, we heartily agreed.

After long years of preparation, we were finally able to begin our great work. We compiled accurate and chronological accounts of Cronos. We studied and wrote essays on the sciences. When we were not writing, we gathered in the tower or the observatory. There we used our Sight to see what lay in distant realms. In the beginning, we were more frequent in such activity. It was the hope that we would find other like-minded individuals that could join us. In time, this proved true.

Then came the dark times when the oppression of the Three Orders, long feared and long expected, came to pass. We bent all our efforts on recording the proceedings, but when Korax revealed himself we were at a loss. Was it proper for us to continue recording these historical logs? Was it not our moral obligation to use our vast knowledge to help defeat such a horror?

We debated the matter with deep passion. Our final conclusion was to remain apart from the world but ready. Our words and observations may not immediately be effectual – and we were not warriors. Thus, we would continue our work and hope for the rise of good men and women. These brave souls we would contact: we would help guide their weary feet and arm their ready fists.


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