The Library

I would like to begin this document with a brief synopsis of this grand library’s history. Before its founding, the history of Cronos and its people went largely unrecorded in any organized fashion. Books were written, but without a sense of what had come before or what may one day occur. In a word, they were without history.

Were some tragedy to befall our people, there existed the distinct possibility that all knowledge of the past would be erased. I began to fear the growing power of the Three Orders. While the overall stratification meant greater political, socioeconomic, and cultural organization, there could be no denying that power-hungry individuals were involved in its formation. With caution in our minds, we scholars dreaded eventual oppression. I took a handful of my closest colleagues away.

We made exodus to areas of the known world that were the most remote. After journeying far beyond the western reaches, we found an area high in the mountains, close enough to a small agricultural community and mining village. We employed the locals in the task of building the Library. At the time, our numbers were so small that we required much aid. To those ends, we further employed the entire village to mine the mountain that stood at our back. The stone and ore within easily paid their labors – as well as any imports we needed from distant cities.


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