My Journals

This journal is only one of many that I have written. Our library is deep and extensive – gathering all information that relates to a specific subject matter can prove a daunting undertaking. Into this journal I am drawing my thoughts and those of others on a variety of topics as a means to understand our current dilemma. I cannot claim that every section inserted here is necessary. I can only offer what small threads I believe can be woven into a greater tapestry by hands more skilled than my own.

While I have a general outline of this document in my mind, I suspect its formation will be quite fluid. Therefore, when instinct points me elsewhere I will, no doubt, add or subtract to it as necessary. I suppose in many ways this is my attempt to organize the confusion of my mind. Perhaps that is why we record history.

I will ask the reader to use intuition in order to answer the unanswered questions that lay within these pages. If my time ends, if the time of my fellow scholars ends, it will be up to the remaining historians of the age – indeed, even the historians yet-to-be – to pluck the quill from my dead fingertips and dip it in ink once more.


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